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The Poetry Center was named a distinguished arts project,  received Citations of Excellence and is funded in part by a grant from the New Jersey State Council on the Arts -Department of State and made possible in part by funds from the National Endowment for the Arts and Passaic County Community College, as well as individual contributions and memberships. The program also benefits from additional income support from a variety of sources.

All contributions are tax-deductible. Contributors are listed on our website and in our brochures which are periodically updated and circulated throughout the country.





Individual contributors

BENEFACTORS  $1000 or more

Nancy Ross

PATRON  $500 - 999

DONOR  $100 - 499

Deborah Gerrish
Laura Boss
John Setliffe Bourne
Katherine Dresdner
Jessica De Koninck
Cora Fung
Maria Mazziotti Gillan
Carl and Kristine Gorman
Esther Jane Handler
Joan Cusack Handler
Tom and Cheryl Hawrylko
Susan G. Jackson
Charles H. Johnson
Kathleen Kremins
Diane Lockward
Donald P. Lynch
Frank Niccoletti
Rustle Ochre
Wanda Praisner
Emily Jane Style
Albert Tacconelli
Henny Wenkart

FRIEND  $50 - 99

Eileen VanHook
Marion Arenas
Kiyomi Ota Baird
Stanley H. Barkan
Nan Becker
Terry M. Blackhawk
Toi Derricotte
Frank L. Finale
Mary Ann Castronovo Fusco
Patricia Celley Groth
Gloria Rovder Healy
Francesca Hermes
Mark and Linda Hillringhouse
Jean Hollander
Maxine W. Kumin
Joyce C. La Vorgna
Kevin Luing
Nutley Free Public Library
Anita Page
Jeffrey Page
Hilda Raz
Kenneth Ronkowitz
Susan K. Rothbard
Kenneth Scambray
Norma Voorhees Sheard
Maryann Siebert
Toni Spiotta
Janine M. Torsiello
Justin Vitiello
Jack Whalen
Doris White
Zander & Madeline Zulau

MEMBER  $25 - 49

Renee Ashley
Carole Baligh
Swapan Basu
Eleanora Beirne
Hank R.Bernstein
Norma Ketzis Bernstock
Barbara Blader
Leonard Brenner
Jen Bryant
Caldwell College
Maude Carolan
Lauren Ann Cerruto
Okey E. Chenoweth
Shulamith Chernoff
Dianne Ciccone
Conco Industries
Carole Crayton
Patricia D'Alessandro
James R. Daniels
Mary DeBow
Julie Della-Torre
Diana Der-Hovanessian
Ann DeVenezia
Constance M. Diana
Diane di Prima
Juditha Davis Dowd
Jeanne Fiedler
Geraldine Flach
John and Angela Flynn
Elizabeth Hays Gatti
Patricia A. Hardigree
Penny Harter
Edward T. Healy
Ann S. Hedges
Donald J. Hilde
Ferdinand V. Iucci
Marcia S. Ivan
Roxanne E. Jayne
Louis B. Jenkins
Alice Johansen
Eliot Katz
James F. King
Diane Khoury
Linda Kozlowski
Russell Layne
Harriet S. Lefkowith
Betty B. Lies
Dana Holley Maloney
Charlotte L. Mandel
Elizabeth J. Marchitti
Richard Marranca
Phyllis Mauro
Dorothy McLaughlin
D.H. Melhem
Mary Ann B. Miller
Priscilla Orr
Estelle Padawer
Christopher Parker
Vivian Paruta
Pina Pipino
Pamela J. Rader
Scott Roskos
Ellen Rubinstein
Dorothy Ryan
Gwen T. Samuels
Maria Sassi
Penelope Scambly Schott
Hal Sirowitz
Rudy Smith
Lorraine H. Stanchich
Lois Staas
Ruth Steinberg
Patricia Thomas
Juanita Thompson
Mark R. Thompson
Madeline Tiger
Joseph Tino
Joseph V. Verilla
Richard Marx Weinraub
Kathleen Weir
Bhikshuni Weisbrot
Toni Wynn