Winners and Finalists for the 2017 Paterson Fiction Prize

The 2017 Paterson Fiction Prize winner for 2017 is Swimming in Hong Kong by Stephanie Han (Willow Springs Books, Spokane, WA).



  • Swallowed by the Cold by Jensen Beach (Graywolf Press, Minneapolis, MN)

  • The Loss of All Lost Things by Amina Gautier (Elixir Press, Denver, CO)

  • Scary Old Sex by Arlene Heyman (Bloomsbury USA, New York, NY)

  • Black Deutschland by Darryl Pinckney (Farrar, Straus and Giroux, New York, NY)

  • The Silver Baron's Wife by Donna Baier Stein (Serving House Books, Florham Park, NJ)

  • The Good Life by Marian Thurm (The Permanent Press, Sag Harbor, NY)